Blame It On My Youth Jazz Orchestra

What is BIOMY? Blame It On My Youth is a premier youth jazz orchestra offering committed young musicians the opportunity to play and perform big band and combo music with some of the best teen players in the area. This audition based orchestra consists of horns and rhythm section, meets weekly on Sundays for rehearsals, and is open to teens in 6th-12th grades. BIOMY performs a range of jazz and popular styles, including scripted and improvised solos. This organization uses jazz music to teach excellence in musicianship, performance and conduct. Players should be able to read music on their instrument, practice it on their own, and attend regular rehearsals.
Who can participate? Young musicians entering 6th-12th grade and at least 11 years old may apply for an audition. Qualified applicants will have finished 5th grade, and be celebrating their 12th birthday before or during the academic year for which they are applying.
Which instruments? The orchestra is open to just about any instrument. Examples are traditional jazz instruments like saxophones (alto, tenor, baritone), trombones, trumpets, drums, guitars, basses, pianos, as well as orchestral string and wind instruments (e.g. violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, etc). If you play another instrument, please inquire (we'll probably take you).
Who directs the program? Erich Lieth PhD, Executive Director
Matt DiDonna BMEd, Music Director and Conductor
Erich, and Matt are local jazz performers committed to encouraging youth music (read more).

Two captains, selected from the orchestra, provide support for the staff and membership.

BIOMY is a program of Music For Children, Chapel Hill Area – a non-profit organization serving the music needs of youth in the area by offering a variety of ensembles and performance opportunities.
Where? The orchestra operates in the area in and around Chapel Hill, NC. Anyone living within driving distance of Chapel Hill is eligible to participate. Rehearsals take place at the Emerson Waldorf School in north Chapel Hill from 2:30-4:30 on Sunday afternoons. Performances are in the Triangle area and beyond.
What kind of commitment is it? Members of the orchestra are expected to attend every rehearsal and performance unless excused by a director. Players must practice their parts outside of ensemble rehearsal, and come to each rehearsal prepared. The orchestra will make available help in the form of recorded tracks and senior mentors to help master difficult music. Members are also expected to participate in social activities outside of rehearsals.
How can I help if I'm not in the orchestra? Friends, family and sponsors please join the boosters, which coordinate events, help with transportation, run fund drives and do many other essential tasks.
Cost $250/semester (Sep-Dec and Jan-May), prorated if joining late, discounted 50% for siblings, $50 off tuition for EWS students;
$60 registration. (Total $310)
Rehearsals begin Sunday, Sep 4, 2:30pm
How to join To become a member of the orchestra fill out the online application form in order to schedule an audition. After the audition, sheet music will be made available. Practice and come to the next rehearsal prepared to make some amazing music. Applications will be accepted until all seats are filled.
Questions? Click here to contact us